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Flying Yoga uses a low hung fabric hammock to support the weight of the participant into various yoga poses. The way that the hammock supports a person’s weight is what makes this movement art form so innovative and different from other forms of yoga. For example, participants can lift their leg into the sling while they rock it back and forth, losing up the hip joints. You will build strength, flexibility, and release compression from the body through stretching, inversions and core work, all while grounded or suspended in the hammock.

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Flying Yoga classes are on a space available basis and require pre-registration although no membership is required. Please click here to sign up for a class today!


Reservations & Prices

Flying Yoga postures will help provide participants a better understanding of traditional Yoga postures.  The muscle releases achieved in the air allows members to get a much deeper stretch in a traditional Yoga class.  Another unique opportunity Flying Yoga provides, is the chance to hang upside-down. Many have attested to wonderful benefits from hanging upside-down including a reversal of gravity’s usual effects on skin and wrinkles, increased circulation to the brain, helping memory and other brain functions, and helping to release tension in the core. Others have enjoyed healing of back pain due to the lengthening of the spine that happens when hanging upside-down.

This class is designed for men and women of all ages! No experience is necessary. Come experience something different, open your mind and body.